The Thieving Granddaughter

No longer able to care for herself, a wealthy woman promised to bequeath $100,000 to her granddaughter in exchange for the granddaughter’s willingness to move in and take care of her. The arrangement was ideal, with the elderly grandmother comfortable in her own home and under her granddaughter’s loving care. After the woman’s death, her son — the granddaughter’s uncle — became suspicious when he discovered his mother’s greatly diminished bank account.

The son’s attorney reached out to David Anderson to perform a forensic accounting analysis of the estate both before and after the woman’s death. David’s comprehensive review identified and verified assets, analyzed transactions the granddaughter had undertaken while managing her grandmother’s finances, and determined the accuracy and legitimacy of those transactions. David discovered that more than $300,000 was missing from the estate, money the granddaughter had misappropriated after deciding she didn’t want to wait for her grandmother to die. Litigation ensued to force the granddaughter to return the improperly withdrawn money.