Set Up A Tip Hotline to Help Stave Off Business Fraud

David Anderson is principal of David Anderson & Associates, a Philadelphia forensic accounting firm that provides a full range of fraud investigation, fraud deterrence programs and forensic accounting services in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

Many business owners and executives believe performing a formal financial audit each year is the most effective way of detecting and deterring fraud.

They are wrong.

Less than four percent of all fraud is detected by a formal financial audit.  In fact, nearly twice as many frauds are discovered by accident than by formal audit.

So then, what is the best way to detect and prevent fraud?  You might be surprised.

A recent “Report to the Nations” from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) shows tips are responsible for uncovering fraud more so than any other method.  More than 39 percent of all frauds were exposed as the result of information provided by tipsters.

And who were the main source of these tips?

By far, it is a company’s own employees. One surprising finding of the ACFE report was that a surprisingly high 52 percent of all frauds reported via tips came from company employees.

“Employees can be your first line of defense against fraud,” said Anderson, of David Anderson & Associates. “Employees may see fraudulent or suspicious activity but may be reluctant to be identified as the source of a tip, either because they fear retribution from other employees or because they’re not absolutely sure that fraud is occurring.”

So how do you encourage employees to come forward?  The best way is using an anonymous tip hotline.

“Employees are far more willing to report illicit activity if their anonymity is protected,” said Anderson, a Certified Fraud Examiner and an ACFE member.  “The anonymous tip hotline provides them with the vehicle they need to do the right thing and bring the fraud to the attention of people in charge.”

Companies do not have to set up the tip hotline themselves, Anderson said. Third-party companies will step into set up and operate the hotline for a reasonable fee and will maintain the employee’s confidentially.  In fact, having an outside party manage the hotline further assures employees their identity will not be revealed by something they say or by speaking with someone who recognizes their voice.

In addition to tip hotlines, the ACFE Report referenced by Anderson shows many companies also are providing mechanisms for receiving tips through e-mail and/or through their websites.

Companies that provide tip hotlines for their employees typically find both the duration of fraudulent activity and amount of the losses are reduced by 50 percent.

A tip hotline is an important component of a comprehensive fraud deterrence program that, Anderson said, can be created by a firm that provides forensic accounting services in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Anderson also said he urges organizations to protect themselves by contacting a Certified Fraud Examiner to conduct a thorough fraud investigation at the first sign of suspicious activity.

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