David Anderson Article Featured on Collaborative Law Website

A recent article from David Anderson, principal of David Anderson & Associates, a Philadelphia forensic accounting firm that provides marital dissolution and business valuation services in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, was posted last week as the feature article on the Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania website.

The article by Anderson – entitled “Key Issues Regarding Marital vs. Non-Marital Assets in a Divorce” and which originally appeared on the David Anderson & Associates blog this past March 26 – details a professional discussion Anderson had earlier this year with Kathy Bloom, an attorney-mediator who serves as Managing Partner of the family law firm of Bloom Peters, LLC, with offices in Horsham, PA and Mount Laurel, NJ.

“I’m thrilled the Collaborative Law Professionals organization decided to share the information Kathy and I presented in the article with its members and visitors to its website,” said Anderson, a marital dissolution accountant in Philadelphia. “The more people who are considering or involved in divorce learn about the legal and financial assistance options that are available to them, the less costly, difficult, and stressful the process can be for everyone involved.”

In the “Key Issues” article, Bloom and Anderson describe how, in general, decisions are made as to what are marital assets and what are non-marital assets. The discussion also zeros in on specific laws in the tri-state Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware area that can help guide local dissolution and divorce proceedings and smooth the path toward completion.

Among the key points made in the piece, Bloom explains the delineation between marital and non-marital assets is not based upon the name in which the assets are held, but rather when the assets were acquired. In addition, she notes non-marital assets that are “comingled” with marital assets can, more often than not, become marital assets.

However, explaining that “there are even exceptions to . . . exceptions,” Bloom and Anderson, in the article, strongly recommend working with a team of legal and financial professionals.

Here’s a link to the just-published version of the article.

The Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania (visit the website) is not a law firm but is a multi-disciplinary network of professionals trained to provide an alternative to the traditional court process. The organization helps individuals work collaboratively, outside of court, to find balanced, respectful, lasting solutions and agreements. The Collaborative Law Professionals offer the skill and knowledge of a diverse group of independent professionals, including lawyers, financial specialists, child specialists, and communication coaches, who ensure client needs, and the needs of each family member are individually and collectively considered.

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